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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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♪ >> special edition of the fox report continuous live in a community that is reeling from a devastating attack and now the shooter's family for the first time risponds.
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-- responds. track a mass murderer. >> detectives will analyze everything and put a complete picture together from the evidence they obtain. from the home she struck and the elementary school but not before extinguishing the lives of children. >> they were cute kids. they were first graders. it is it the kind of stuff that you send your kid grand kids out the door to first grade. >> fox report and the brand new details we learned about the connecticut shooting investigation. i am bill himer. live in newtown, connecticut. e. fox report. 36 hours removed from a gunman unleashing a shooting massacre in the elementary school. population 600 students from kindergarten to fourth. it is a day that changed the
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housetown forever. machines -- members of the shooter family releasing a statement saying they felt heart felt sorrow. each of the 22 children who died was aged 6 or 7 and all thought to be in the first grade. 12 of them were girls and eight were boys, the gunman shot child multiple times. we are told that at least one child was shot 11 times inside of the classroom. this is a picture of the gunman identified as 20 year old adam lanza that is a picture from six years ago at the age of 14. he lived with his mother in the town of newtown 10 miles from the school. a school that he drove his own mother's car to waking up in the morn shooting her in the head. today we heard from the
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shooter's aunt. she said the mother home schooled him after a dispute with the public school system, but no one in the family expected him to be responsible for the horror that occurred here yesterday morning. >> there was challenges in the family house. never in trouble with the law or anything. >> dan malloy grate said the families in newtown lost 20 of their children too soon. >> what is important is love, courage and compassion love poured in from around the world. >> from around the world indeed. rio dejaenero relatives of crime victims set up a make
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shift memorial for the shooting victims. in brazil they understand the pain of senseless violence . molly line working the story with me for the past few days and the information that, it doesn't get better. >> it is a challenge 24 hours after the shooting occurred. the hours grow longer. you it is getting confusing. now federal authorities saying adam lanza may have had asberger syndrome and estranged from his family. his father and brother hadn't spoken to him in several years and his mother nancy, did not work at the school which leaves open to further questions as to why it was that the shooter went to the school. nmuch of the report yesterday suggested she was a teacher at the school and now that is it set aside. we learned from officials,
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they are begging reporters and the media to give the family peace and stay away. one state treeper is assigned to each of the families. >> each family has a state trooper assigned for them. someone to directly communicate with and giving the families a point person and police officers and investigators a point person. they are take good care of the families and keeping lines of communication as open as possible. ndo we think that the state police will talk again tonight. >> they are not expected tompt they released what they can and tomorrow will be another briefing. but at this point in time, it is it about the families that are just beginning to cope and have access to the loved ones. >> molly, tharching you in newtown, connecticut. >> the medical examiner talked
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about how they went in to identify the young bodies. and wayne carver was briefing reporters. he said they did not bripping the families inside of the school. they took pictures was facial features of the six and sen year old children and brought them to the family for positive identification. it is it a story late last night did not get any better and that has been the case. we'll go slowly to the process of the funerals . you have people hitting the close knit community hard. we heard from one moments ago, their lives are changed forever. these resident are trying their best to console each other. mike kobin is in the center of now town. nbill, one of the things you
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notice, the flag is at half staff. the christmas decorations are missing. they felt guilty about celebrating and they took the christmas decorations down. they are depending on each other a bit. and people are coming to the st. rose of lima catholic church. that is one location to come and grieve. and to draw on the bonds forged a maul town to get each -small town. >> and i don't know. our focus is the kids. we have enough time dealing with it as adults, processing all of the information and what transpired. but the focus is the kid try to get them through this. >> all of the schools in the area went in lock down mode. couple of children in the
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middle school explained what happened when they realized it was not a drill. >> all of the kids who had siblings there went in a state of panic and freaking out. crying and they were so worried they didn't know what to do. nand as much as they are depending on each other. they have brought in grief counselors from the neighbors states. they set up a center in the school with two different places for the adults and children, bill. >> we understand that many of them are taking advantage of that. mike to bin thank you. nand the medical examiner a moment ago talked about the devastating injuries to the young so tiny bodies. he dribed some as being shot three times and he said one body that he took care of was
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shot len times and how that is possible inside of the cool and classroom defies imagination. we are learning about another shooting. this one in the state of alabama. it happened in birmingham. they got a call about an armed man walking in st. vin cent's hospital. meas say he opened fire. and an officer was hit and wounded and the other officer firing back and killing the suspect. two hospital employees were wound ther all expected to be okay. there is another story in oklahoma we want to bring attention to a school shoot bomb plot that was foiled planned for the same day as the tragedy in newtown. bartersville 50 miles north of tulsa, 18 year old sammy chavez was planning to kill
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his high school class mates. he plan tod lure them in the high school auditorium and chain it and set off bombs and shooting. he is held on a million dollars bond. we heard from the father a little earlier today. robby parker had said my daughter , light up the room and had something nice to say about everyone. we remember emily tonight and all of the others in a coverage that stunned the nation . you will hear the radio transmissions of the police rushing to the scene. trying to save the children, some of them who didn't stand a chance. >> i have bodies here.
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one building, in a square shape and court yard in the middle. there is car after car lined up unmarked from the state troopers here from connecticut and other investigators carrying out the grisly operation in a chilly and cold night in southeastern connecticut. yesterday morning, right around 9:30 eastern time . she thinks that everyone is shooting. they are unsure why. >>
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there will be many more audio recordings like that, that tell the dramatic story of what is happening when the police officers walked in the scene of carnage inside the delass room. there were broken windows in the school. state police broke glass to get in the school and try to save young kids. there was a thought that the gunman had fired bullets through the glass door to gain acess inside . that is not the case based on what the police are telling us in newtown. the reason why it is important, it shows you the
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pain staking detail ther going to piece together all of the bullets and casings and bodies were inside to try to get an accurate depiction of what tock place. that's why the investigation is movingacious long at the pace it moves. the country's leaderships expressing heart break. the republicans cancelled the weekly radio address and said the president should speak for all americans . molly is live in washington on that part of the story. nbill, our hearts are broken today. that's what president obama said in his weekly radio and internet address. he devoted the entire address to the shooting in connecticut, and said the nation grieves for the families who lost loved ones. >> this weekend, michelle and i are doing what every parent is doing. holding our children and reminding them how much we
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love them. there are families in connecticut who can't do that today and they need all of us right now. nothing can take the place of a lost child or loved one. all of us can extend a hand to those in need to remind us that we are there for them. nflags are lowered to half staff in the capitol. republicans usually do a weekly address of their own. not today. the president would speak in the time of mourning. boehner said in a paper statement, the horror of this day seems so unbearable. we will lock arms that's how the americans rise above unspeakable evil and let's come together to pray for the families of the victims that they may find can have the and peace amid such suffering. janet napal tano said that
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department will provide any assistance needed. we are learning that president obama will come to newtown, connecticut tomorrow. it was not clear when it would happen and the world is confirmed to our fox crew in the white house. we expect funerals and all likelihood to start on monday or possibly next week and that will be the next ripple and you can stee the next wave of horror in this story as we learn more about the personal lives of those changed forever and the people gunned down inside of that school. the principal we know had been the principal for last two years and a well liked woman. age 47 and had five kids at
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home two daughters of her own and three step daughters. her husband george was also a teacher here in the district. your heart goes out to what he's going through now with five children missing a mother. we hear from a father. robby parker talking about his little girl emily killed in the elementary school and the message that the heart father is sharing for the shooter's family and nation . ♪ [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets
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>> i mentioned throughout the evening the name robby parker . he met respiratories two hours ago and this is part of the process of grieving and how you try to figure out your six year old daughter emily is not coming home and will not be there for christmas in 10 days. robby parker has three kids ages three, four, and 6. he lost the 6 year old . he met with the reporters and we thought it was important to share with the viewers. the message he has for trying to come to grips with this tragedy and what he wants the counselry to know. this is robby parker in his own words. >> contacted by so many people and agencies uponing to know how we are doing, and i thought this was the best way to share my feelings. first of all i would really
4:24 pm
like to offer our deepest condolences to all of the families directly affected boy the shooting it is it a horrive being tragedy and our hearts and prayers go out to them. this includes the family of the shooter. i can't imagine how hard this experience must be for you. i want you to know that our family and our love and support goes out to you as well. at this time so many friends and family and complete strangers who we don't know for all of the love and coldollences and support you have beginitous. my daughter emily would be one of the first to be tand give your love and support to all of the victims, because that is the tich person she is.
4:25 pm
not because of any parenting that we did. but because those were the gifts begin to her by her heavenly father. we find comfort reflecting on the incredible person that emilee was and how many lives she was able to touch in her short time here on earth. emilee was bright and creative and very loaving and always doing to do things . she loved to use your talents to everyone. and she was an exceptional artist and never missed an opportunity to draw a picture or make a card for those around her. i can't count the number of time emilee noticed machine feeling sad or frustrated and
4:26 pm
would rush to draw them a picture or write them a note. her card making was expressed in october when she placed a special card she had made in the casket of her grand daughter who died in a tragic accident recently. she was a mentor to her two little sisters and teaching them how to read and dance and know the simple joys of life. her laugher was infectous and all who had the pleasure to meet her, agree that it is a better place because she was in it. as we move on for what happened here and happened to so many people. it is something to inspires us to be better and more compassionate and more humble people.
4:27 pm
let us please keep the centists -- sentiments of love for our family and compassion to strangers and keep them with us at all times and not just in times of sorrow and tragedy and may we do this so we better all of our communities and all of our states and that we make everyone in this country feel safe. thank you. and i would be happy to worry any questions. >> and where in the world do you begin now in robby parker went on to say he lived in the american west and moved to newtown, connecticut eight months ago and the folks in the west said you have to be tough in the east coast because those folks are not nice. he talked about how loving the
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community has been since the first day he moved here and he had not regretted it cbs. his two other daughters aged two and four. he said i don't know how to get through this. the best thing i can do it help other people and then about emilee. i am so blessed to be her father. i am so blessed to be her dad. this is it the first of so many stories as we move to the funerals next week and memorial services underway. the president comes here tomorrow to newtown, connecticut and we'll of that visit. we'll check in on the significant stories we are watching today including the choice for the next secretary of state. and latest on what is happening in newtown and relatives of the shooter give their response. it took the lives of 21 children ages 6-7.
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good evening to you where ever you are. only 36 hours after that mad man burst in the sandy hook elementary school, killing 12 young girls and 8 boys and six adultings. all of the children were either 6 or 7 and the last hour, relatives of the shotter. adam lamb released a statement part of which reads the following. >> we reach out to the community of newtown and express heart felt sorrow for the profound loss of innocence that is affected so many. with me now my colleagues are going to be broadcasting here live later on tonight. we have been through tough ones and this is right near the top. >> yes. it is so wrong. nyes, my senyear old first graders and this is it so agredgous and devastating and
4:34 pm
awful to moy. -- me. you have the shock and outrage, and also there is a feeling of disgust at this monster who would torteur these children. remember billy bursts in the room and starts killing the children. they were alive and dead and dying, and he has a long rifle and right up to the kids . he's almost the agent of the devil's apocalypse. it is raw and save annual. it is a mini holocaust. >> i thought the statements by the medical examiner were chilling that i have heard of all of the chilling stories that we heard in the past day and half. you must be of that mind set in order to endure what that
4:35 pm
man has endured. some of kids were shot 11 times. where were they shot. he said everywhere. you start to think what could possibly have been the motive? what could have possible created the rage for you to commit that obscene violence against the children and to dress in combat gear and arm yourself with combat style weapons and thep go and not take on an enemy defending your country, but pick on the vulnerable and innocent children and children never exposed to anything evil before and never had an adult treat them with anything but love and affection. he was dressed in a costume and styling himself as a warrior against what? against children? the most vulnerable people in
4:36 pm
our society. that deeply sickens me and everyone of those children. what could have been gone on behind those bangs and what is it in this person that he could do it to the children. we have been around and i have known you for years and this is gut wrerching. it brings you to tears. it just -- you want to vomit, it is just a terrible, terrible situation. ni mentioned earlier that so many people told me they turn on the tv and stare at it and leave it on for hours. and they sit there in tear crying over the enormous loss. and as a father, you think of your 7 year old daughter. >> you not. i look at you now. we try to maintain our composure. we are professionals and i am a war correspondant and seen
4:37 pm
atrocity in iraq and somalia and everywhere else. look at the victims how selective he was. first graders. six years old and 7 years old. and any wonder the president was moved to tears and the nation was moved to tears and the pope, it is so unfathomable. what could have happened to this person that he would in any way feel that he was certified to commit this obacceptity. this will go down in history to be a day that will live in infamy and the make of a beautiful new england commun a place of horror and fear for these children? i can't, i can't, i swear, it is the nation's nightmare, bill, to think of the lives they led from the moment he burst in their classroom and ended their lives. what could those children have
4:38 pm
been thinking. you think about that and you want to take his remains and throw them to the winds and so ther not there. so evil. nthis happened in southerp russia. and this happened in norway in the island a year ago, and now happened here and we have had school shootings before, but never hitting a 6 year old child 11 times with a rifle. nlook at how columbine scarred us and changed the way schools are guard run and those with teenagers and god help us it was horrible. now take it down to first graders. i ran up town to see my daughter. picture the little children in the little outfits and their lunches and what are they thinking about. there a are thinking about
4:39 pm
play dates and legos and dolls and christmas. >> they are thinking about christmas and stanta clause and he was going to be here in 10 days. >> imagine, what will christmas be in newtown, connecticut will it always be this memory? it is difficult to report in a sober, somber way because it is it so emotion. it is difficult not to be impressioned and obviously over come with groveand sorrow. >> we'll see you tonight. >> hang tough. >> you, too. n10 o'clock. >> yes. see you then. >> much more tonight from newtown, connecticut. 10 o'clock eastern time with a special edition of geraldo at large. >> thank you, my friend. >> as the nation tries to
4:40 pm
figure this out and parents try to make a connection to what happened here and you consider the innocent lives lost in newtown. many aring and thinking of those who survived. they are kindergartens who just lived through that no one should see. how do they cope. dr. mark seigle is with me. member of the fox's medical a teem. there is it a symptom called ptfd does something like that apply to a five year old child? it is run because of the wars and applies to children, and statistics are shocking. 77 percent of the kids in this school are going to suffer from these symptoms and 35 percent of the kids in the
4:41 pm
neighborhood not even at the school. we are talking about disruptions and feeling alone and inability to trust anyone and reliving thes in reverse order and anticipating the next time it is going to happen. it takes weeks and months for kids to recover from this. lucky psychotherapy helps . they have to get these kids in therapy. ni want to talk a little bit about that, doctor. but you don't know how kids react over time. especially when you are this young. i talked to a woman, her six yore old daughter is okay. and her mother was talking for hours and finally the daughter said to the mom, are you going to be okay? i know our focus is on the young children.
4:42 pm
but you wonder how the adults manage to communicate with one another. i would imagine there is it a level of trauma that peeks in their lives as well. how do you deal with that then, doctor? >> that is crucial. and there is it a traum attic stress disorder and affect the first reponders and people who staw this. and we are reporting with a shocking number of wounds and boons and sounds, this is it a tough one. and being, kids are going to look to their parents. what can you tell me and are you afraid and do you show courage. the same of the brain deal with our caring and they are tremeppedous. we saw them brewed by peter johnson in the morning and they are bonding together and hugging each other and that
4:43 pm
will help them get through this, bill. >> yeah, there was a health clinic that came over from yale. did you hear about that, doctor? it is it already up and operating. and there are many, dozens and dozens of people who are already seeking help from them. what does that tell you. >> that is it crucial. andlet secret is not to shy away from it. but to allow the children and adults to express themselves and talk about what they lived through. and no question is off lims here and answers have to be honest and direct and they have to be as they come and we outside looking in on this have to remember and we talk about our own children, but bill, our own children are safe is our own schools are safe. we are still talking about only one percent of the homicides in the country are
4:44 pm
around schools. we have to focus on the children and schools that lived through it. let's tear care for the people out there. >> your initial point is well taken if you need help seek it and don't run from it. thank you. am therapy now will help thim later on. >> thank you. we'll continue to followlet latest on what is happening here in connecticut. more information we'll pass to you. but there is it a head line, too. that we will get to tonight. we are learning that president will dominate democratic john kerry to replace out going hillary clinton it is it basically a done deal now that susan rice with drew her name
4:45 pm
from consideration. it was not officially placed in nom naution . and the official nomination could come in the next few days. we'll follow that. and egypt's fledging attempt at democracy, it could hinge on what is happening in the country tonight. we'll get the latest on the ground in cairo. and when our coverage continues in newtown, we have the list of 20 young children born in 2005 or 6. all of them either age six or sen. we remember chase and dillan and madeline and 17 others . [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> we'll get back to the tragedy in connecticut. first from egypt tonight. there are millions of people heading to the poll to vote on a draft and sphusion that - constitution that deeply divided the country. oppons say they fear it could crush religious freedom in egypt. and it is it a violent and deadly protest. not only could it shape the future of egypt seriously impact the region and they streaming live in cairo with how thoo vote is going. good evening. >> polls have now closed here in cairo and other city in egypt and over all it is okay . there were long lines and they
4:50 pm
are having various charges of irregularities. but not enough for the halting of the vote. 120,000 from the egyptian army and there are reports was clashes. the office of the liberal opposition party were fire bombed by islamist and there were injuries. this is it all about a draft constitution pushed by the egyptian president and his muslim brotherhood part. the argument for the no vote is too islamist. and yes note, it is needed for stability. the yes vote could be lives and a victory could result in continue aution of the violence. there will be a second round of voting and the other half . counselry will decide on this and there will be a final result. more time for politicing and more time for troubling the
4:51 pm
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>> we'll update quickly. the white house saying that president obama will be in connecticut to speak to the families of the victims, the deadly school shooting and we heard from the shooter's family and his father say no words can truly express how
4:55 pm
heart broken we are. and parents of the victims struggle with their loss, the rest of the country and many of you trying to comprehend how it happens. how do you explain the news to them? dom nick, a lot of children and school children outside of connecticut, they found out about this through social media and what are experts advising them to prevent the hysteria that that could likely lead to, dom nick. >> it certainly can. parents don't want to, and they get depraught about the tweets. and ther advising parents to calmly explain the facts and start to discuss their feelings and fears and this is it how the approach to the subject should be taken with them. take a look. >> what did you think, were
4:56 pm
you afraid it could happen at your school. what if it happened at your school . want teachers would step in and police would be there and mommy and daddy would rush to the school thaint be avade to let them talk about what is in thempt always reathem it is safe to go back to school on monday. dom nick thank you . that does it for this fox report. it is december 15th, 2012, 10 days before christmas and i am bill himer, thanks for watching. mike huckabee starts in a moment as we leave you tonight, we want to remember and daniel and charlotte and
4:57 pm
katherine and grace and jack. ♪
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